2019 Catch up with Triple Crown

Sorry, lots of changes going on and it has taken me a bit to update my website. We sold our second home in California and moved to our main home in Colorado and that took up time and help from my friends with my dogs. I loved my job in California but the commute between Colorado and California for 7 years got to be too much. So I took a wonderful new job with my company that I can do from Colorado so I can be closer to my family. Thank you to all who took a few of my dogs in while we did the move to give us the time to get the move and sale of our home in California.

We are still very much into Pomeranians! We expect our second litter from Huey this fall from our top show female Ch “Sweepea”. I still have my good friend MonaLisa’s Ch “Millie” and we hope to get a litter from her from Huey this year so we can achieve MonaLisa’s dream of a litter of his. We finished our lovely Ch “Flo” this summer with Noble! Lynn Meyer my dear friend took a wonderful new opportunity with AKC and is no longer handling our dogs. Tonia Holibaugh has graciously stepped in as our Biewer Terrier handler. She and I showed in Dallas, TX in July of 2019 and between the two of us we achieved many Miscellaneous Best in Shows and AKC Open Show Best in Shows that long weekend. Russ. Ch “Win” finishing his CM and our introduction to the lovely “Maddie” who is very close to her CM. I am heading out back this fall and training many lovely Biewer Terrier show hopefuls. Wow are they nice! Have a wonderful Fall and look forward to seeing many of you at the shows!

Flo and Noble to her championship in August of 2019.
Noble and Flo for her championship in August of 2019.
Little Miss Maddie taking her first show by storm going Best in Show Miscellaneous and my showing Russ. Ch “Win” to the same honors the next day.